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The Journey



Raised in Brooklyn, New York and still residing in the same neighborhood where she spent most of her childhood. Yami became a mother and a wife by the age of eighteen and despite being a young mother, she balanced motherhood, getting an education, and a job the best way she could. In her twenties, she worked her way up the corporate ladder and became a senior executive assistant for one of the largest financial firms. By the time she was in her thirties, she owned an entertainment agency that represented models and professional athletes and then years later, she became an aesthetician and spa owner. I guess you can say that she's never been afraid to reinvent herself and take on a new challenge.


After life threw her a curve ball, she was met with her biggest challenge, and despite her fears, she did what she does best and decided to play harder than ever before. This game of life isn't easy but she had a team that was her four boys. They each supported her in their own unique way. They inspire her and show her that giving up is never an option in our family...I guess they get that from their mother. While on this new journey, she is learning to trust God and take things one day at a time. The life she had prior to Noah no longer exists, she is now a mom of a special needs child. It's her new normal but she's never been afraid of reinventing herself, so why quit now? This new life is so much more meaningful and she cherishes every moment and everyone in it. Life is pretty special when we put our fears aside and focus on the things that matter most. That's what life is all about, living and loving it to the fullest and not backing down from a challenge. 


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Supernoah is looking forward to celebrating his 4th annual World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, 2021.