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The Journey



Welcome! So glad you're here.

I'm Yami Johnson, also known as "Supernoah's Mom". It was during my pregnancy with my fourth son, Noah, when I received my Down Syndrome diagnosis. The genetic results were something that I couldn't have imagined happening to me. I immediately asked myself "why me?" It was tough because in my second trimester doctors suggested that I terminate my pregnancy. My husband and close family members feared the worst and also felt it was best to terminate. Without their support, I felt like the world was against me having this baby. I was grieving despite my son being very much alive inside of me. I felt that the only one that could fight for him was me. I ultimately made the final decision to continue with my pregnancy and love my child no matter what the outcome would be. Fast forward to four years later, it has been quite a journey for us and a decision that I don't regret making. I ignored all of the statistics and put my faith in God first. Despite my fears, I chose love and choosing Noah has changed my life in so many ways. Choosing unconditional love has brought so much joy to our family. It has changed us for the better and we can't imagine life without our little superhero. This is our journey, and I am happy to share some of my experiences. Once again welcome!


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Nothing Down About It