Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Welcome! I'm Yamileth Johnson, also known as Yami or to many as "Supernoah's Mom". It was during my pregnancy with my fourth son, Noah, that I received my Down Syndrome diagnosis. It was something that I couldn't have imagined happening to me. I immediately asked myself "why me?"and after numerous conversations with doctors, my husband and some family members, I felt like the world was against me having this baby. I ultimately made the final decision to continue with my pregnancy and love my baby no matter what the outcome would be. Fast forward to almost three years later, it has been quite a journey for us and a decision that I don't regret.


Today, thanks to social media, it's become easier and more rewarding for parents like me to share our journey as special needs parents. We all know that being a parent may not always be easy no matter what your situation is. I launched this blog to share more of my journey (the good and the bad) and hopefully make a difference in the lives of other parents, who like me, are just taking it one day at a time.

In the end, it's all about love, patience and understanding. God does not make mistakes and it is our job to understand his plan and enjoy the ride, even on days when we wish that we could just get off.

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